Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outside the Pocket...Inside the (Lunch) Box

Are you in love with the new Picture My Life kits yet? It seems every time I pull them out to create with them, I find another way to use them. The other day, when I was going through the Chalk It Up cards to find the ones I wanted to use on those easy-peasy cards I shared, I was touched by so many of the inspirational messages. Once again, the light bulb flashed on above my head and another idea was born!

Every year, on the first day of school (and often on random days throughout the year) I like to put short "love letters" in my kids' lunches. This year the PML finding their way to my school for a little mid-day love from mom. Being double-sided, the cards are perfect for my notes...I can write my message on one side and the other has a fun or inspirational message.

Remember, when you order your favorite PML kits this month, you can add a 10 pack of Memory Protectors to your order for just $3 (a $6.95 savings). What are you waiting for? Order yours TODAY! 

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