Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Idea Book Superstars!

Okay...I have a confession to make about Close to My Heart Idea Books! The day my supply of idea books arrive is a much anticipated day at my house. Of course, one would think I simply can't wait to see the new goodies CTMH has designed and the amazingly inspiring artwork that graces the pages of each book. However, if I am being perfectly honest, my first look through the idea book isn't focused on the incredible new products! No, my first look is always focused on the artwork, specifically the pictures used in the artwork. Yes, I look eagerly for my pictures in each Close to My Heart Idea Book!!!

Close to My Heart encourages consultants to submit photos for their Art Dept. to be used in sample artwork. Well, who doesn't love sharing their photos?!?! I faithfully oblige and send them my favorites and lo and behold occasionally I will flip through a new Idea Book and see the precious face of one or both of my children smiling back at me.

My kids have learned to anticipate the new books too, and always ask, 'Mommy, am I in the catalog this time?" More often than not, the answer is "Not this time, sweetie!", but it sure is fun when I can open my copy and show them "their page"! Thank you CTMH for making my kids feel like superstars!!!

The picture above is page 80 of the Spring 2010 Idea Book. I wish I could claim the amazing artwork, but I CAN claim the adorable little girl who was using a wrench to put her training wheels back ON her bike all on her own!

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