Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Crafty Birthday!

This past weekend we celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday! When I asked her a month or so ago what she wanted to do for her birthday, she was quite certain she wanted nothing more than a "craft party." After throwing around a few ideas, she became most excited over the idea of a card making party. I knew that was something I could handle!

I asked around my circle of creative CTMH friends and got this wonderful idea from my sweet friend and fellow consultant, Amy. She had done a very similar party recently for her 8 year old daughter.

I started with our fun Recipe/Photo Boxes and decorated one for each girl, each in a different color (I used the back of some of our newest B&T papers to get the pretty solid colors with subtle patterns. After they were decorated, my daughter choose which friend would receive which box (remember this fact when you see the pictures below).

Inside each box, each girl received an ink pad to match her box, a package of Clear Sparkles, their first initial on a 2"x2" block, a glue stick and all of the parts and pieces pre-cut to make 12 sweet notecards (2 each of 6 designs - 1 to make at the party and 1 to make at home). Each girl also received a custom stamp with her name on it!

The girls had so much fun creating their own notecards. One of them even exclaimed, "This is SO much better than a Jolly Jump party!" They were so cute, and I truly had a wonderful afternoon with them!

Now, remember I said above that I asked Jenna to choose the colors of the box, ink and cards for each girl? Well, take a look at this sweet picture. Every single one of the girls showed up wearing the exact same color of her box (or at the very least coordinating with it). I had no idea my sweetie knew her friends so well!

I truly hope it was a birthday party she will never forget!

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  1. Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing! My daughter is turning 8 in a few months - - this would be perfect for her party!!