Monday, May 11, 2009

Things That Bring Me Joy

Last week I came across the blog of Karen Pedersen, a fellow CTMH consultant and amazingly creative woman. She has a wonderful post about things that bring her joy and she asked her readers to share thier lists. I loved the idea and wanted to share it here.

10 Little Things the Bring me JOY:
1. Watching my children interact, look out for each other and love each other
2. Watching my amazing husband playing with our children
3. Date nights & weekends away with my hubby
4. Cozying up with a good "chick-lit" book
5. Breakfast/lunch with friends
6. Sleeping in
7. Creative time
8. Country music
9. Watching Grey's Anatomy (although it wasn't very joyful last week!)
10. Giving...whether it be a small gift, a handmade card, a hug or my time!

Now it's YOUR turn! Add your comment and tell us what 10 little things bring YOU joy. I'll be sharing your responses this week!

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